Wellington Orienteering Club


 General principles

  • Solos are not events—they were designed as orienteering activities to be carried out in your bubble under COVID-19 alert levels 1-3.
  • You must adhere to the restrictions of Wellington's current COVID-19 alert level.
  • These are training activities only. We will not be collecting timings.
  • There are no standard controls. The activity details explain what you will find at the centre of the control circles.
  • Do not touch the tapes.
  • Tracks can be rough, uneven and slippery, particularly after rain. Adjust your speed to avoid injury.
  • Observe physical distancing guidelines at all times. This includes giving others plenty of room when you pass.
  • Tell somebody you are going, and check in with them when you return.
  • Print the map for the course you want to run, then go and have fun.

Te Ahu Mairangi (Tinakori Hill)

This is a traditional point-to-point course. There are two versions of the same course, depending on whether you start above Wadestown (Course 1N) or Northland (Course 1S). 

Controls are marked by tapes.

Download Course 1N

Download Course 1S


From Wadestown, head to the top of Weld Street. If coming by car, approach from the west side of Wade Street. Head up from the first carpark and swing hard left to the higher carpark at the north end of Te Ahu Mairangi. 

From Northland, park along Orangi Kaupapa Road between the entrance to Stellin Memorial Park and Bedford Street. Walk up the Te Ahu Mairangi service road to the start. 

Lion's Roar

This was a mini-rogaine run in 2017. There is a map and a question and answer sheet which you can use to decide if you are at the right place - there are no tapes or controls. However, some things may have changed since the event has run, so don't worry if the control item is not obvious.

There is a start/finish location on the map, but you may start and finish anywhere. 

Download the map

Download the question sheet


The suggested start and finish is at Newtown Park. Parking and road access is from Russell Terrace in Berhampore.  

Trelissick Trails

This is mostly a simple trail-run on a preliminary map put together as a lock-down project. Don't expect our usual mapping quality! This is a score-like event, and there are instructions on the map if you want to generate a score. There are two types of controls - those at the centre of circles as usual, or ones marked by a magenta line along a track. The magenta line controls should be obvious from the track (but don't worry if you pass them by). If you see them, try and identify exactly where on the track they are from the contour features around you.

You can start and finish anywhere. If you time yourself, note the time from the first to the last control.  Controls are marked by bright orange or yellow tapes. Only a couple of controls are not immediately visible from a track, and you need go no nearer to the tape than being able to see it.

Download the Trelissick park map


From Ngaio/Kaiwharawhara, use the entrances on Kaiwharawhara Road, Ngaio Gorge Road, Trelissick Crescent or Waikowhai Street.

From Wadestown, enter from Hanover Street.  

Karori Park

There are 11 tapes out and around the bush behind Karori Park. Our suggested format is to time yourself visiting any 10 controls in any order, starting from any sensible point of entry from the roads around the map. Controls are marked by yellow ribbons; hopefully all will stay in place.

Start your timing as you leave the roads or car park, and stop it as you get to your final control. The walk off the map is not in "race" time. Watch out for the very rough and frequently slippery tracks on the Park.

There are 2 versions of the map in the linked PDFs. The control locations are the same in each, however the file labelled "TRACKLESS" has no tracks on it at all. This is probably only for those who have used Karori Park so often that you want an unusual challenge! You'll still be using tracks mostly (the off track vegetation can be a bit variable), but will have to use the contours to work out where your tracks are leading you, and no guarantees a track will be going where you want. 

Download the Karori park map

Download the Karori park map with no tracks


From Karori, access from Montgomery Avenue, Percy Dyett Drive, or Sunshine Avenue.

Hutt Valley options 

Orienteering Hutt Valley offers a selection Anytime Orienteering courses. These too are free, DIY courses that you may wish to give a go.