Wellington Orienteering Club

COVID-19 Alert Level 2

Event procedures under Alert Level 2

Orienteering Wellington will take reasonable precautions to reduce the risk to orienteers, officials and volunteers to reduce the chance of transmitting COVID-19 and encourage physical distancing. 

We need you to:

  • bring your own water
  • bring your own hand sanitiser (if you can)
  • follow good hygiene practices
  • keep your map after the event
  • make electronic payments. Our bank account number—03-0525-0416981-000—will be printed on all maps
  • observe physical distancing. Physical distancing means remaining 1 metre away from other people—or if you are closer than 1 metre, being there for less than 15 minutes.

Orienteering Wellington will: 

  • remove bottlenecks or areas where people may congregate
  • provide hand washing or sanitising facilities at key locations including toilets and finish areas
  • make sure that touchscreen devices (e.g., registration tablet) are only used by nominated event personnel 
  • refund people who withdraw for health reasons
  • collect contact information so that people can be traced should someone who tests positive for COVID-19 come into contact with others. This will include your full name, contact details (email, phone number, address), and arrival and departure time
  • provide the NZ COVID TRACER QR code. We ask that you scan this as part of your digital diary
  • reduce the opportunity for people to congregate at events 
  • provide protective equipment, disinfectant and briefing to event volunteers, and ensuring hard surfaces such as tables are regularly wiped clean
  • require registration and payment online rather than clip cards or cash
  • arrange starts and finishes to provide for physical distancing.