Event Pricing

Pricing by event type

Orienteering Wellington organises about 20 events annually.

For standard club events, sprints, score, and OY events organised by Orienteering Wellington:

Any member or non-member who provides significant help for an event is entitled to a free run at that event. Contact us if you would like to help at an event.

Karori Park Map

Training organised by Orienteering Wellington

There may be charges for accommodation, food, or transport for attendees of training.

Major events, special events, and other clubs’ events

All other events will be charged as described in the event details. Premium membership discounts do not extend to major or special events (e.g. National Championships, Queen’s Birthday Weekend) or events run by other clubs.

Karori Park Map


One compass per map is available for loan for those who are new to orienteering.

Orienteering Wellington may review event pricing at any time.